- 撮影の進行/予算管理  - ロケ場所資料  - 各種許可申請/交渉 
- スタッフ手配  - スタジオ手配  - モデルキャスティング
- ロケバス手配  - ロケハン  - ロケハン立ち会い
- 撮影立ち会い  - 撮影車両手配  - お弁当手配 etc...


"esQUISSE" also provide a comprehensive range of production services such as...

- Location Scouting  - Studio Booking  - Staff Arrangements
- Budget management  - Model Casting  - Vehicles service  - Catering  etc...

to support any project from editorial shoots to advertising campaigns using our various network.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any plans to shoot in Japan.
We look forward to hearing from you.